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Babsnec is a revolutionary idea to help create unparalleled comfort.

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Why Babsnec™?

Because it offers a headboard with a difference


How often have you sat up in bed, fluffed up the pillows behind you, only to get all comfortable then you lean forward for your book or drink, and the pillows fall down, sounds familiar?

With a Babsnec it is permanently there, you put your pillows up under the D of your Babsnec (these support your back) sit up so that your shoulders are leaning on the bottom of the D, then relax and read or watch T.V. Mothers can nurse more comfortably.

Asthma and heart sufferers may find it beneficial; as now you do not have to leave your bed, you can sleep sitting up in bed.

Babsnec™ is adaptable

In your bedroom:  attach your adjustable straps to your curtain ties back hooks or for the king size and larger you require a pole. (Hooks and poles not supplied )

In your caravan: Velcro is attached to the back of your Babsnec, attach the other side of the Velcro to your hardboard wall.

In your lounge: Custom made Babsnec to fit your suite (even recliners, each piece are made individually).  Attach via straps with Velcro to the back of your chair or have them weighted.


You can pay a fortune for a headboard, but the majority are all vertical, so when you sit up, your neck is pushed forward and this may cause discomfort.  Having a Babsnec is an added luxury to your bed/lounge and also makes a design feature to your room.

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Date posted: April 9, 2015

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