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by Barbara Moakes

Pitch to Rich 2015

Posted on April 9, 2015

Hi all, thank you for looking at my blog! This is the latest for my Babsnec:

At this precise time I am trying to get as many public votes as possible to enable me to Pitch to Rich 2015 (Branson) Therefore, I am asking everyone to click on the following link:
As soon as you have clicked and have voted for me you will be asked to confirm your vote via your email address (this is to avoid multiply votes from the same person). Votes must be cast before 5 May 2015.
I would be very grateful for your votes. If I get through I may get a chance to go before Richard Branson to do my pitch. Then if I win this competition I could receive funds to go towards the continuation of my product.

Thank you again to anyone who has already voted.

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